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    Tom Truman is a designer woodworker making simple and elegant one-of-a-kind pieces as well as offering design and interior solutions. He employs sustainable practices, using locally harvested and reclaimed woods, non-toxic finishes, as well as up-cycles and re-works select pieces.


    “I see myself as a whole-systems guy, who is continually seeking balance. I use an approach that addresses all considerations- beauty, functionality, integrity, while respecting the environment and its resources. As wood to me is already art, my role is to observe that, and then find the best way to reveal it as fully as possible while meeting a practical need. My aim is to make beautifully crafted work that also fulfills the purpose of what it is intending. Seeing natural forms as art and integrating them into home and everyday surroundings is a way of enhancing the spaces we live and work in."


~Tom Truman

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